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Foreign Ministry's Spokesperson refuted erroneous comments by relevant Human Rights Council Special Rapporteurs

Q: UN human rights experts released a statement in Geneva on May 3, fearing that China's law on the management of foreign NGOs can be wielded as tools to intimidate, and even suppress, dissenting views and opinions in the country and calling for the Chinese government to repeal it. What is your response?

A: China is firmly opposed to the remarks made by several so-called experts from relevant institution of the UN Human Rights Council. What they said is full of prejudice and untrue accusations against China, ruthlessly interfering in China's legislative sovereignty and internal affairs. We ask relevant people to immediately withdraw such irresponsible remarks.

By formulating the law on the management of foreign NGOs, China aims to protect the legitimate rights and interests of foreign NGOs operating in China so as to help them better fit into China's economic and social development. China is committed to open and democratic lawmaking. While deliberating on the law, China's legislative bodies have absorbed opinions from all sectors in and outside China and adopted some reasonable suggestions. China welcomes constructive opinions from all walks of life on the management of foreign NGOs, but stands firmly against any distortion and reproach irrespective of the fact.

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