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Statement by China during the Review of the Republic of Korea at the 14th session of the UPR Working Group
Mme President,
The Chinese delegation has listened attentively to the presentation made by the Korean delegation. China welcomes the efforts that Korea has made in implementing the recommendations of the first cycle of the UPR and welcomes the formulation of the Korean national action plan for the protection and promotion of human rights 2012-2016.  Through a series of legislative and administrative measures, Korea has tried to protect personal information and privacy, provide equal access to education for youth and adolescence and guarantee the rights of the old people and persons with disabilities. We would like to express our appreciation for these efforts.
At the same time, China has noted with concern that inequality between men and women remains serious in Korea and women suffer discrimination in many fields; corporal punishment and abuse of children are widespread; human trafficking is rampant; the rights of non-regular workers are not protected while the poor population has no access to effective health care.
Hence, China wishes to make the following recommendations:

China recommends that Korea formulates a national strategy for promoting gender equality so as to advance the status of women, combat violence and eliminate discrimination against them.
China recommends that Korea strengthens its social security system in order to effectively guarantee the poor population its right to health care and housing, among other things, so that the results of economic development will benefit the entire population.

Thank you, Madame President.
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