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Statement by China during the Interactive Dialogue with the High Commissioner for Human Rights at the 21st Session of the Human Rights Council
(September 10, 2012)

Madame President, Madame High Commissioner,
    The Chinese Delegation thanks Madame High Commissioner for her condolences to the victims of the recent earthquake in Yunnan Province of China. China appreciates the OHCHR for its large amount of work in promoting the right to development, protecting women and children's rights and fighting racism under the leadership of Madame High Commissioner.  China hopes that OHCHR will be more impartial and objective in discharging its mandates for a balanced promotion of the two categories of human rights, invest more in economic, social, and cultural rights and the right to development, respect each country's history and cultural traditions and their autonomously chosen path of human rights development, and promote the dialogue and cooperation in the international human rights field.
   It must be pointed out particularly that as she has special influence in the field of human rights, the High Commissioner, when delivering public statements, should adopt a particularly cautious and responsible attitude, in order to safeguard the credibility of the High Commissioner herself and her Office, and promote international human rights dialogue and cooperation.
   Madame High Commissioner,
   China welcomes the dialogue on the Strategic Framework of the OHCHR (2014-15) held on June 29 this year, which helped strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation between the member states and OHCHR. China also welcomes the dialogue on the transparency of the OHCHR funding on July 19. An enhanced transparency of the Office on the sources and usage of its funding will lead to better support to its work by the States. It is our hope that OHCHR will publish the summary records of these dialogues, and hold the dialogues regularly in the future. We hope OHCHR will make further efforts to strengthen the transparency of its funding. We also hope it will attach importance to maintaining an equitable geographical distribution in the recruitment of its staff, which will guarantee the impartiality and independence in its work.
   Madame High Commissioner,
   Respecting and protecting human rights is an important principle for the Chinese government in state governance. It issued the “National Human Rights Action Plan (2012-2015)” last June, in which protection of the citizens' right to subsistence and right to development are treated as a priority, and major efforts are planned to resolve the most urgent and practical issues related to peoples' rights and interests that they are very much concerned with. This will guarantee our people's economic, political, social and cultural rights, promote fairness and harmony of the society in an attempt to let everyone living in China with more dignity and happiness. We believe that through promotion and effective implementation of this action plan, the human rights cause in China will certainly experience a new development and be crowned with greater achievement.
   China has always been actively involved in the international human rights exchange and cooperation. China pays high attention to the status and role of OHCHR in the international human rights field. China is willing to strengthen dialogue and cooperation with OHCHR on the basis of equality and mutual respect so as to increase mutual understanding and jointly contribute to the promotion and protection of human rights.
   Thank you Madame President and Madame High Commissioner.
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