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Statement by Counsellor Xia Jingge at the Fifth Director-level Meeting of the Syrian Humanitarian Forum

Mr. Chairman,

The situation of sustained turbulence and incessant violence in Syria has caused huge casualty and seriously affected people's ordinary lives in Syria. Syrian humanitarian situation has deteriorated. China is gravely concerned about the situation. We support the leading role of the United Nations in coordinating international humanitarian relief efforts for Syria. We also hold the view that relevant efforts of the international community should respect Syria's sovereignty, and evaluate Syrian humanitarian situation in an objective and comprehensive manner in order to effectively alleviate Syrian people's hardship. Politicization of humanitarian issues must be avoided. Humanitarian relief efforts should never be militarized.

The fundamental way to improve Syrian humanitarian situation lies in easing the tension in Syria and promoting the political solution. Under the current circumstances, relevant parties of the international community should intensify their efforts to promote peaceful dialogues, support Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi, new Joint Special Envoy for Syria, in his efforts to carry out impartial mediation, and urge both the Syrian government and the opposition groups to immediately cease fire, stop violence and protect civilians, implement relevant Security Council resolutions, Mr. Annan's six-point proposal and the Communiqué of the Foreign Minister meeting of the Action Group on Syria, and to start a inclusive political dialogue process as soon as possible.

China has all along actively promoted peaceful talks on the Syrian issue and approached relevant parties in a balanced and impartial manner with the aim of promoting the political settlement to the issue. China is deeply concerned about the Syrian humanitarian situation and has made positive efforts to alleviate Syrian people's sufferings. China provided 2 million US dollars emergency humanitarian aid in cash to the Syrian people through the International Committee of the Red Cross in March. Recently, China decided to provide additional emergency humanitarian supplies to the Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon. China stands ready to keep close contact with relevant parties of the international community to continuously play a positive and constructive role in improving Syrian humanitarian situation and seeking a proper solution to the Syrian crisis.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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