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Statement by Ambassador Liu Zhenmin at the Special Session of the Human Rights Council on Human Rights situation in Syria

Madam President,

China is deeply chocked by the killing and maiming of civilians in the village of Houla of Syria and condemns most strongly the acts of killing innocent civilians including women and children. China expresses its great sadness at the death of all victims as well as its deep sympathy and sincere condolences to their families. China supports a thorough investigation into this incident. We have taken note of the Security Council's request to the UN Secretary General to continue investigation into these attacks with the involvement of the UN Supervision Mission in Syria (UNSMIS). We have also taken note of the investigation into the incident in Houla by the Syrian government. 

Madam President,

At present, Syria is at a critical crossroad. Its future direction will affect the life and security of the Syrian people, their fundamental long-term interests and the peace and stability of the Middle-East. China expresses its grave concern over the developments in Syria. We would like to make the following  three points.

1.A complete cessation of fires and violence should be implemented immediately. Unabated violence carried out by all parties in Syria will only plunge the country into lasting turmoil and even a civil war. The Syrian Government and all oppositions groups should comprehensively implement Annan's six-point proposal and relevant resolutions of the Security Council, earnestly fulfil their commitment to bring an end to violence, protect the security of the Syrian people and bring down tension in Syria as soon as possible. All parties should support the UNSMIS in fulfilling its functions.  China is firmly opposed to any armed intervention in Syria by external forces or any attempt to impose the so-called regime-change.

2.A process of political dialogue should be launched as soon as possible, as only this can lead to a fundamental solution to the Syrian problem. Only dialogue can bring about a comprehensive plan for reforms. No party in Syria should set preconditions for such a dialogue or prejudge its outcome. The international community, for its part, should encourage all parties in Syria to take part in the dialogue rather than fuelling more confrontations.

3. Annan's mission deserves unflinching support. Special Envoy Annan's mediating efforts and his six-point proposal offer a realistic and vital channel to defuse tensions and to promote a political solution to the Syrian problem. The international community should continue to support and compliment his work, and create favourable conditions for his diplomatic mediation. 

Madame President,

China supports the Council in holding discussions on the Syrian issue and in sending out a united message. The discussions here should contribute to reducing tensions in Syria and promoting the process to seek a political solution to the problem. They should also be helpful to the mediation efforts undertaken by Mr. Annan. China is ready to continuously work with the international community and to play a positive role to bring an early political solution to the Syrian issue. 

Thank you, Madame President.

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