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Statement of China during the Interactive Dialogue with the High Commissioner at the 19th session of HRC


Madame President,
Madame High Commissioner,

The Chinese delegation would like to thank Madame High Commissioner for her detailed presentation of the work of OHCHR. In the past year, OHCHR, under the leadership of the High Commissioner, carried out tremendous amount of work to promote right to development and economic, social and cultural rights, to combat all forms of discrimination and to protect the rights of people with disabilities and of migrants. China would like to express its appreciation for these activities.

We hope that OHCHR will conduct its work with impartiality and objectivity, promote in a balanced manner the two categories of human rights, increase inputs in areas related to right of development and economic, social and cultural rights, which are areas of interest to the developing countries, and help developing countries in their effort for comprehensive economic and social development, and for their early realization of MDGs in particular.
OHCHR should recognize the specific situation of each country and the diversity in the models for human rights development. It should respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of each state and resist, through constructive dialogue and cooperation, the tendency to politicize human rights issues.

Madame High Commissioner,

China appreciates the active role of OHCHR in moving forward the reform of human rights treaty body system. China has always advocated a member state driven process for human rights treaty body process. We look forward to the Office's contribution to the intergovernmental human rights treaty body strengthening process to be launched by General Assembly shortly.
China hopes that the OHCHR will join member states in the efforts to implement effectively the relevant presidential statement and to improve the transparency of the sources and uses of the Office's funds, which in turn will help member states better support the work of the Office.

Madame High Commissioner,

The Chinese government attaches importance to the status and the role of OHCHR in the field of human rights. We are most willing to increase our dialogue and cooperation with the Office on the basis of equality and mutual respect. In December last year, the Chinese government and the Office cosponsored successfully in China the China- U.N. Seminar on Administration of Justice. China is looking forward to more dialogue, cooperation and mutual understanding with the Office in our common efforts to promote and protect human rights.

China appreciates the commitment of the government of Sri Lanka to the process of national reconciliation. China is of the view that Sri Lanka should be given time and space to realize national reconciliation free from external pressure. Any assistance from the international community should be provided only with the consent of the country.

Thank you, Madame President.
Thank you, Madame High Commissioner.

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