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Chinese Mission Spokesperson Liu Yuyin rejects OHCHR Spokesperson's erroneous remarks

On July 3, the spokesperson of the OHCHR made unwarranted remarks on the Law on Safeguarding National Security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR), to which China categorically rejects.

The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress formulated the law and listed it in Annex III to the HKSAR Basic Law to be gazetted and executed in Hong Kong by the SAR government. This is a fundamental solution for Hong Kong to end chaos and restore order and stability. It is a landmark in the practice of "one country, two systems" and a strong institutional guarantee for safeguarding upholding national sovereignty, security and development interests, maintaining lasting security, prosperity and stability in Hong Kong, and ensuring the steady implementation of "one country, two systems". It reflects the shared will of all the Chinese people including Hong Kong compatriots.

Unfortunately, however, the OHCHR spokesperson turned a blind eye to the significance of the law and its role and showed indifference to the well-beings of majority Hong Kong residents. Instead, he chose to interpret the Law on Safeguarding National Security in the HKSAR in a negative way and labelled the precise and well-defined provisions of the Law as "vague" and "overly broad". Worse, he made unwarranted accusations against the justified law enforcement activities of Hong Kong police targeting criminal offenders who advocated "Hong Kong independence" and violently attacked the police. The erroneous remarks by the OHCHR spokesperson not only interfered in China's legislative sovereignty and internal affairs, but also offended all the Chinese people including Hong Kong compatriots.

The Hong Kong SAR belongs to China. Hong Kong affairs are China's internal affairs. The Chinese government stands firm in safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests, implementing the "one country, two systems" guideline and in opposing any external intervention in Hong Kong affairs. We urge the OHCHR to respect and support China's efforts in safeguarding national security and protecting human rights, refrain from making any further irresponsible remarks, and halt interference in Hong Kong affairs and China's internal affairs.

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