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Join Hands to Reduce Poverty, Promote and Protect Human Rights
35th Session of the Human Rights Council

Mr. President,

I have the honor to deliver the statement on behalf of a cross-regional group of countries including Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), Russian Federation, South Sudan, Greece and China.

Ending poverty is the first and primary of the sustainable development goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It is also an important channel for promoting and protecting human rights. More than 800 million people are still living in poverty across the world. It is a common challenge for the international community to effectively reduce and eliminate poverty. This will pave the way for better promotion and protection of human rights. States should work together in the following domains:

First, accelerating sustainable development. Poverty reduction should be taken as a major element of economic development. Development-oriented poverty alleviation and economic and social development should reinforce each other. Poverty reduction and elimination, economic, social, cultural and environmental development and human rights protection should be addressed in a holistic and coordinated manner. The right of States to independently choose their own path for poverty reduction and sustainable development should be respected.

Second, addressing poverty reduction in a holistic approach. Poverty needs to be reduced through development projects. Targeted poverty reduction and elimination should be taken as the basic strategy. Infrastructure needs to be upgraded in poverty-stricken areas. Public services in sanitation, education, culture should be provided and jobs created for the poor to enhance their capacity for self-development.

Third, ensuring social equity and justice. Priority should be given to public well-being and its improvement, by putting in place and upgrading a social protection network that provide effective protection for such vulnerable groups as women, children, the elderly and the disabled so that the whole population will share the benefit of development and common prosperity will be achieved.

Fourth, strengthening international cooperation on poverty reduction. States should work together to maintain and develop an open world economy, build a new type of international poverty reduction partnership featuring win-win cooperation. Both South-North cooperation and South-South cooperation should be promoted. The United Nations has an important role to play in global poverty reduction.

We still have a daunting task before achieving the goal of global poverty reduction. States should join hands and work together, make unremitting efforts to realize the goal of eradicating poverty at an early date, and build together a community of shared future for human beings that is free from poverty and that enjoys common sustainable development.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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