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Statement by H.E. Ambassador WU Haitao, Head of the Chinese Delegation at the General Debate of the 105th Session of IOM Council

Mr. Chairman,

Director General Swing,

The Chinese Delegation congratulates H.E. Ambassador Eddico on his assumption of the Chairmanship.

With international migration on the rise and its destinations diversified, migration-related issues become more complex. We should make further efforts as follows:

First, actively addressing “forced migration” issues in a comprehensive manner. We should pursue peaceful solution to disputes, so as to reduce migration resulted from armed conflicts. Cooperation and coordination should be enhanced to ensure prompt assistance to migrants suffered from natural disasters.

Second, effectively protecting the fundamental rights of migrants. International migrants are respectful and commendable for their tremendous contributions to sustainable social and economic development. We should protect the safety of migrant workers against attacks and kidnappings, eliminate discrimination and xenophobia, ensure legitimate rights of migrants and promote social integration.

Third, avoiding politicization of illegal migration related issues. Illegal migration undermines the common interests of the international community. All States should combat illegal migration in accordance with national and international laws. On illegal migration issues, no double standards should be exercised. Illegal migration should not be politicized on the pretext of political asylum.

Mr. Chairman,

China commends the IOM for its assistance to migrants in Syria, South Sudan, Central African Republic and Mali, and appreciates its contribution in fighting against Ebola.

China is a country of both origin and destination for migrants. In the first half of 2014, China registered 233 million border crossings. The Chinese government is improving its policy, laws and regulations to protect the legitimate rights of immigrants, while curbing human trafficking and illegal migration. We also attend to safety and legitimate rights of Chinese citizens overseas.

Mr. Chairman,

China enjoys good cooperation with the IOM. Director General Swing made a successful visit to China this May. The two sides concluded the second phase of the Project on Capacity Building for Migration Management in China, and are exploring new cooperation projects. We also held joint training programmes on the protection of Chinese citizens overseas, management of foreign labor service cooperation and migration laws, which yields desirable outcomes.

China remains committed to enhanced cooperation with all States and relevant international organizations on migration issues.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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