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Statement of H.E Ambassador Wang Qun at the CD
March 11,2010

Mr. President,


The Chinese delegation welcomes you taking up the presidency of the CD and we commend the efforts you have made during your tenure to advance the work of the Conference.


My delegation has listened attentively to the introduction you have made on the working paper (CD/WP.559) which you distributed on 9th March. We have also listened carefully to the comments and opinions of delegations on this paper. On the whole, I have the same feeling like Russia, U.S, Germany and many other members. That is to say, there are still differences of opinion on this paper.


Mr. President,


The Indian delegation just emphasized the importance of facing squarely each other's concerns and making an effort to search for common ground. The Swiss delegation also emphasized the necessity of open and transparent consultations. The Chinese delegation supports these proposals which are conducive to solve the current differences. We hope that all relevant parties should face squarely each other's concerns and should continue to pursue broad, transparent and equal consultations, to bridge differences and come up as soon as possible with a programme of work acceptable to all in order to start the substantive works of the Conference. For our part, the Chinese delegation is ready to work together with all other delegations to realize the above objective.


Thank you, Mr. President.

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