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Statement on China's Participation in the UN Military Transparency Mechanism by H.E. Mr. Cheng Jingye,Ambassador for Disarmament Affairs of China,at the Plenary of the Conference on Disarmament

Mr. President,

At the outset, I would like to congratulate you on your assumption of the presidency of the Conference on Disarmament (CD). It's my firm belief that, under your wise guidance, the Conference will accomplish the work of drafting its annual report in a smooth manner. You may count on the active support and cooperation of my delegation.

Mr. President,

Transparency in Armaments is an important item on the CD's agenda. I would like to take this opportunity to brief you on the latest meatures taken by the Chinese government in this regard.

The Chinese government has all along attached great importance to military transparency and is committed to confidence building with all other countries. Since 1995, we have published five white papers on national defense and two white papers on arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation, which illustrate China's national defense policy, progress in national defense development and our endeavors for arms control and non-proliferation. Moreover, we have conducted a series of bilateral and multilateral exchanges in the promotion of transparency in military matters.

As the continuation of the aforementioned efforts, the Chinese government has recently made the following two important decisions. Firstly, starting from this year, China will report annually to the Secretary-General of the United Nations basic data of its military expenditures for the latest fiscal year in accordance with the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 60/44. Secondly, in light of the fact that a certain country has stopped providing data on its illegal arms sales to Taiwan province of China to the UN Register of Conventional Arms, China decides to resume providing annually the data on its imports and exports of conventional arms in the seven categories to the Register from this year. We have already submitted this year's reports to the UN Secretariat.

These two decisions are significant steps on the part of China in further enhancing its military transparency, demonstrating that China pursues the new security concept featuring mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and cooperation, and supports the important role played by the United Nations in promoting transparency in armaments and mutual trust in the field of security among States. China will continue to make joint efforts with the rest of the world in advancing international peace and security.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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