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Statement by H.E. Ambassador HU Xiaodi Head of the Chinese Delegation at the Meeting of the States Parties to The Biological Weapons Convention

Mr. Chairman,

At the outset, please allow me on behalf of the Chinese delegation to congratulate you on your assumption of the chairmanship of the 2005 Meeting of States Parties to the Biological Weapons Convention ( BWC ). At the beginning of the meeting, you expressed your condolences to the unfortunate passing away of Mr. Fu Zhigang, which made me so moved. I would like to express my appreciation to you and convey your sympathy and solicitude to the relatives of Mr. Fu and Chinese Government.

Mr. Chairman,

The rapid development and enormous potential of biotechnology and life science have greatly contributed to the fight against diseases and safeguard of health by mankind. However, they also have brought new challenges to the prevention of the bio-terrorism threat and abuse of bio-research for weapon purposes.

In this new situation, scientists bear the special and important duty of implementing the BWC and eliminating the threat of biological weapons. Exploring the appropriate code of conduct for scientists in the multilateral framework of the BWC, regulating the behavior of scientists, and helping the scientific community better understand and voluntarily implement the BWC are of great significance to promoting biological arms control.

At the Meeting of Experts this June, experts from States Parties exchanged their experiences and practices on the topic of Codes of Conduct for Scientists and discussed the content and adoption of Codes of conduct which will be of guided significance for all states. At the Meeting of Experts, the Chinese delegates from the governmental and scientific community actively participated in the discussion of all the topics and introduced China's practices and experience on the code of conduct for scientists.

China upholds that in light of different level of economic and scientific development and different manage systems of various countries, it is appropriate for individual state, if necessary, taking into account their own national situation, to develop and improve their own guidance code for regulating the behavior of biological scientists at the national level. Such elements as: all individuals engaging in life sciences and related technologies be aware of and fully in compliance with the BWC and undertake not to participate in or support the activities prohibited by the BWC, and the promulgation and adoption of appropriate practices and procedures for biosafety and biosecurity, may be considered to be included in the relevant codes. The Chinese delegation would like to join other delegations in further discussing all the views, including the "Synthesis Paper" proposed by you, and making efforts to achieve a consensus and set up recommendations on this issue.

Mr. Chairman,

The 6th Review Conference of the BWC which will be held next year will review the implementation of all the articles of the BWC. It will be of great significance to strengthening the effectiveness of the BWC and designing a blueprint for the future of the multilateral process for biological disarmament. The international community should seize the chance to further explore the measures on strengthening the effectiveness of the BWC in the multilateral framework.

The rapid development of biotechnology, the possible prevalence of cross-border infectious diseases and the danger of bio-terrorism remind us of the necessity and urgency to strengthen the BWC. China is always supportive of strengthening the effectiveness of the BWC in a comprehensive manner in the multilateral framework and is ready to work with all States Parties to contribute to the success of the Review Conference.

It is the objective of the BWC, as well as the sincere wish and common task of all states parties to completely and thoroughly prohibit the biological weapons and make the achievement of biotechnology serve the civilization and development of mankind. China will as always, continue to enhance consultations and cooperation with all parties concerned to realize the lofty objective of the BWC through unremitting efforts.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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