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Statement by H.E. Ambassador Wu Haitao, Head of Delegation of the People's Republic of China,at the 2014 Meeting of the States Parties to the Biological Weapons Convention
Mr. Chairman,

At the outset, please allow me, on behalf of the Chinese delegation, to congratulate you on your assumption of the Chairmanship of the Meeting of the States Parties to the Biological Weapons Convention. The Chinese delegation assures you of its full support in the discharge of your duty..

Mr. Chairman,

At the Meeting of Experts in August, States Parties held in-depth discussions on agenda items of cooperation and assistance, developments in science and technology, national implementation and strengthening implementation of Article . The Chinese delegation appreciates the synthesis paper prepared by the Chairman as a compilation of ideas and proposals made by the States Parties. I would like to briefly present China's positions on the issues concerned.

First, international cooperation and assistance to promote peaceful use of biotechnology is an important pillar of the Convention, which is conducive to national capacity building of the States Parties. China hopes that States Parties will work together to further explore ideas and measures to promote earnest implementation of Article Χ of the Convention, taking into full consideration of the legitimate needs of developing countries for biotechnology and relevant materials and equipments in particular. China is ready to further promote relevant cooperation and assistance within the framework of the Convention.

Second, timely assessment of the impacts of biotechnology on the Convention, preventing its misuse, enhancing bio-safety and security capacity of the States Parties, strengthening oversight of dual-use scientific research is conducive to effective implementation of the Convention. To jointly tackle various biological risks and challenges, we should support the efforts by the States Parties, and strike a proper balance between development of biotechnology and its oversight. 

Third, establishing implementation mechanism, strengthening domestic legislation, improving bio-safety regulations are conductive to enhancing the effectiveness of the Convention. The States Parties should be encouraged, on a gradual and voluntary basis, to further share their experiences on implementation, and strengthen their national implementing measures according to their own national conditions. It should be pointed out that the best way to enhance the effectiveness of the Convention is through concluding a protocol with verification regime aimed at strengthening the Convention in a comprehensive manner.

Forth, it is a legal obligation for the States Parties to provide assistance in case of possible violation of the Convention. It is necessary to further discuss detailed procedures and mechanisms to provide such assistance. Relevant international organizations, including WHO, OIE and FAO, can play an important role in helping the States Parties to enhance their national capacity for disease surveillance and response. Upon the request made by a States Party, the above-mentioned international organizations may provide public health or humanitarian assistance, in accordance with their mandates, to the States Party in actual need. China believes that the investigation of alleged use of biological and toxin weapons is very complicated and sensitive. The States Parties can invoke Article to lodge a complaint with the Security Council of the United Nations. The Security Council will decide whether or not to initiate the investigation and such investigation should be carried out under the responsibility of the Security Council.

Mr. Chairman,

Since last March, the Ebola epidemic has broken out and spread in some West African countries, which once again highlights the threats posed by the non-traditional security factors as major infectious diseases to international security and stability. Many States Parties to the Convention and international organizations have carried out various forms of assistance and cooperation. China has provided four rounds of assistance worth of 750 million RMB,including medicines, foods, equipments, specialized personnel, laboratories for detection and treatment centers. The assistance provided by China is not only for our friendship with the African countries, but also for our responsibility for the common security of the international community.

Mr. Chairman,

The rapid development and wide application of bio-technology have significantly enhanced the well-beings of the mankind. At the same time, the risks of misuse of bio-technology, epidemic diseases and bio-terrorism also threatens the security of the mankind. Bearing in mind this situation,

We should strengthen the implementation mechanism of the Convention, promote the objectives of the Convention in a balanced manner and comprehensively fulfill all obligations under the Convention.

We should strengthen the capacity-building for implementation of the Convention, in particular, assisting the developing countries to increase their capacity in the field of monitoring, detecting and responding to the threat of bio-security.

We should strengthen international cooperation and assistance, sharing experience, exchanging information to jointly deal with major threats in the field of bio-security.

We should strengthen communication and coordination among countries and international organizations to establish proper contact channels, so as to enhance policy coordination and jointly safeguard global bio-security.

Mr. Chairman,

The Chinese delegation will participate in the discussion of the Meeting of the States Parties in a pragmatic and constructive manner. We are ready to cooperate closely with all the parties to promote positive progress from this Meeting and the current inter-sessional process.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.


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