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Statement by H.E. Ambassador Wu Haitao, at the 2014 Meeting of the High Contracting Parties to the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons

Mr. President,

At the outset, please allow me to congratulate you on your assumption of the Presidency of the meeting. The Chinese delegation will fully cooperate with you and other delegations to ensure positive outcome of the meeting.

Mr. President,

Since its entry into force more than 30 years ago, the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW) has played an irreplaceable role in addressing the humanitarian concerns caused by the indiscriminate use of certain conventional weapons. In recent years, implementation of the Convention by states parties and international cooperation under the CCW framework has been steadily enhanced. The universality of the Convention and its Protocols has been further strengthened. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Iraq again on joining the Convention.

The Chinese government is dedicated to conventional arms control, and attaches importance to addressing the humanitarian concerns caused by the indiscriminate use of certain conventional weapons. China supports further strengthening and improvement of the legal regime for conventional arms control on the basis of appropriate balance between military security requirement and humanitarian concerns. The Convention provides proper framework for in-depth exchange of views and experience for states parties. All parties should further enhance relevant institution and capacity building for implementation of the Convention and actively carry out international assistance and cooperation. Efforts should be made to promote universality of the Convention and its protocols, and advance the purpose and objective of the Convention.

As a full Contracting Party to the Convention and its five Protocols, China has been faithfully implementing its obligations under the Convention and its protocols. China actively participates in relevant international exchanges and cooperation. We submitted national report in time and participated in meetings of experts and annual meetings of high contracting parties in a constructive manner. China attaches importance to promoting universality of the Convention and has contributed 10,000 US dollars annually to the sponsorship programme to support the participation by developing countries in relevant meetings and activities of the Convention. China has also worked, through various bilateral and multilateral channels, to encourage countries not yet Parties to join the Convention and its Protocols.

China is dedicated to international humanitarian demining assistance. Since 1998, China has provided nearly 40 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America with humanitarian demining assistance worth more than 80 million RMB in various forms including donating demining equipment and hosting demining training programmes. So far, China has trained more than 500 demining operators for mine-affected countries. This year, China hosted demining training courses for Afghanistan and Cambodia respectively and trained 50 demining operators. China will also deliver to the Laos mine victim assistance in kind worth of three million RMB.

Mr. President,

In recent years, the issue of lethal autonomous weapon systems has gained growing international attention. This issue is very complicated as it involves various political, economic, military, technical and legal factors. China highly appreciates the informal meeting of experts held this May on lethal autonomous weapon systems and welcomes the report by French Chair Ambassador Simon-Michel. China supports further discussions on the issue in the framework of the Convention to carry out in-depth study on relevant aspects of the issue, including definition, scope, legal application, so as to gradually deepen understanding and build consensus among the states parties. We hope such discussions will be in line with the purpose and objective of the Convention, take into full consideration of the concerns of the developing countries, and ensure equal and inclusive participation by all Parties concerned.

Mr. President,

China is ready to work closely with the international community to further enhance authority and vitality of the Convention, promote new progress in its implementation, and make positive contribution to addressing the humanitarian concerns caused by the indiscriminate use of certain conventional weapons.

Thank you, Mr. President.

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