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Statement by Mr. Wang Qun Head of the Chinese Delegation At the Meeting of States Parties to The Biological Weapons Convention

Mr. Chairman,

At the outset, please allow me, on behalf of the Chinese Delegation, congratulate on your succession of the Chairmanship of the Meeting of the States Parties to the Biological Weapons Convention (hereinafter referred to as "the Convention") following your chairmanship of the Meeting of Experts. I believe that your rich experience in diplomatic and disarmament affairs will make valuable contributions to achieving success of the meeting. The Chinese Delegation will fully support your work.

Mr. Chairman,

Currently, the international security situation is undergoing complex and profound changes. Adhering to multilateralism, enhancing the international cooperation and strengthening the international arms control and non-proliferation legal system, have become the broad consensus of the International Community, as well as one of the major means to safeguard the international security and effectively address these challenges.

Since the entry into force of the Convention, its universality has been gradually improved and its implementation goes smoothly in general. The Convention has played an irreplaceable role in the comprehensive prohibition, complete destruction, non-proliferation of biological weapons and prevention of bio-terrorism. On the other hand, faced with terrorism and disease outbreaks, all States Parties should make full use of the Convention as an important platform to strengthen cooperation and communication, promote implementation and other capacity of the Convention.

Mr. Chairman,

The working plan and issues adopted by the Sixth Review Conference to the Convention has been welcomed and supported by the States Parties at large, which will exert active and deep influence on promoting multilateral biological arms control process. The Meeting of Experts and Meeting of States Parties discuss two issues including strengthening the national implementation measures and regional and sub-regional cooperation on implementation of the Convention. This bears a practical meaning to promote the implementation of the Convention in the new situation.

Mr. Chairman,

At the Meeting of Experts this August, the States Parties conducted extensive and conducive exchanges on their own practice and suggestions on national implementation legislation, law enforcement and related international cooperation. The Meeting of Experts has fulfilled the goals of exchanging information, promoting mutual understanding and cooperation. According to the outcome of the meeting of experts, you have prepared and submitted the paper listing lessons and recommendations drawn from the States Parties at the Meeting of Experts and the Synthesis paper, which summarized the organization of work and the States Parties' views and suggestions during the Meeting of Experts. China appreciates your work and would like to cooperate with other parties to promote the meeting to reach a successful outcome on the basis of the above-mentioned papers.

Mr. Chairman

China believes that adopting effective national implementation measures in accordance with the Convention and respective national situations constitutes basic obligations for the States Parties, as well as the important prerequisite and guarantee for effective implementation of all articles of the Convention. Strengthening the regional, sub-regional and other forms of cooperation on implementation of the Convention helps to improve the implementation capacity of all States Parties and also constitutes effective means to promote the implementation of the Convention.

China has all along attached great importance to the implementation of the Convention in a comprehensive and effective manner. China has committed itself to and rigorously participated in all work concerning the implementation legislation, law enforcement, mechanism building and cooperation on implementation of the Convention. China has the following suggestions on strengthening the national implementation measures and regional cooperation on implementation of the Convention:

I. States Parties should put in place and improve a series of laws and regulations on implementation of all articles of the Convention and take effective measures to ensure the rigorous law enforcement.

II. States Parties should establish a national implementation mechanism with clear division of responsibility and effective coordination to ensure the fully implementation of all the related laws and measures.

III. States Parties should enhance the publicity of relevant laws and regulations through various kinds of forms, with a view to training the relevant personnel and strengthen the implementation capacity building.

IV. States Parties should, in the principle of equality, cooperation and mutual respect, take active part in regional, sub-regional and bilateral cooperation on implementation of the Convention. States Parties should provide assistance to other States Parties in need, particularly to developing countries, with a view to promoting the international exchanges in biological field and raise the implementation capacity.

Mr. Chairman,

The meeting of experts and meeting of States Parties constitute important platforms and beneficial approach to promote the effectiveness of the Convention under the multilateral framework. 2007 is the first year to implement the working of the Sixth Review Conference. China hopes and supports the meeting to achieve a positive outcome, which will facilitate the comprehensive and effective implementation of the Convention. China will make active contributions to the success of the meeting in an open, pragmatic and cooperative spirit.

Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

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