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· Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ma Zhaoxu's Regular Press Conference on November 5, 2009(2009-11-08)
· Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ma Zhaoxu's Regular Press Conference on November 3, 2009(2009-11-04)
· Spokesperson Zhang Qiyue on the Talks of China, the DPRK and the United States (26/05/2003)(2004-04-16)
· China reiterates its position on DPRK nuclear issue (20/03/2003)(2004-04-16)
· FM spokesman on US missile defense plans(19/12/2002)(2004-04-16)
· FM Spokesman on China's signing UN Firearms Protocol (12/10/02)(2004-04-16)
· Spokesperson on The Introduction to The Measures on Export Control of Certain Chemicals and Related Equipment and Technologies (19/10/2002)(2004-04-16)
· Spokesperson on the Introduction on the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on Export Control of Dual-use Biological Agents and Related Equipment and Technologies (17/10/2002)(2004-04-16)
· MOFTEC Spokeswoman on Regulations on Missile Export Control (08/25/02)(2004-04-16)
· FM Spokesman on Regulations on Missile Export Control (08/25/02)(2004-04-16)
· Foreign Ministry: China's Defence Policy Defensive (07/116/02)(2004-04-16)
· China "Deeply Shocked" Over Pentagon Secret Report: FM Spokesman (2002-03-11)(2004-04-16)
· Spokesperson on President Bush's Announcement that the US Officially Withdrew from the ABM Treaty(14/12/2001)(2004-04-16)
· Spokesman on US media's report about China's expansion of nuclear weapons(07/09/2001)(2004-04-16)
· Foreign Ministry Spokesman Zhu Bangzao remarks on US Decision to impose sanctions against the China Metallurgical Equipment Corporation(05/09/2001)(2004-04-16)
· Foreign Ministry Spokesman on the Sino-US Expert Consultation on Non-Proliferation(24/08/2001)(2004-04-16)
· Spokesperson on the US newspaper report that Chinese companies are in Iraq helping the latter improve its air-defense system(17/08/2001)(2004-04-16)
· Spokesperson on The Washington Times' report that a Chinese company exported missile components to Pakistan(09/08/2001)(2004-04-16)
· Representative Office in Dili(2004-04-16)
· Remarks made by the spokesperman on American recent simulated space confrontation exercise (6/2/2001)(2004-04-16)
· Remarks made by the spokesperman on American recent simulated space confrontation exercise(06/02/2001)(2004-04-16)
· Spokesperson's Remark on President Clinton asking the US congress for an extra budget for the R&D of NMD(2004-04-16)
· Spokeperson on US extra budget for NMD research and development(2004-04-16)
· Spokesperson on arms race in the outer space (15/02/2000)(2004-04-16)
· Spokesperson on the US NMD experiment (20/01/2000)(2004-04-16)
· Spokesperson's Remarks on the Publication of the White Paper on China's Non-Proliferation Policy and Measures 2003/12/03(2004-04-16)
· Spokesperson on the passage of the resolution on "Preservation of and compliance with ABM Treaty"(02/11/2000)(2004-04-16)
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