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Statement by the Chinese Delegation on Resolution A/C.1/56/L.40 of the Netherlands (October, 2001)
Mr. Chairman,

    I. As explicitly stated in General Assembly resolution 46/36L of 9 December, 1991, the United Nations Register of Conventional Arms is a record of legitimate arms transfers between sovereign states.  However, since 1996, in open defiance of the provisions of the above resolution, a certain country registered its arms sales to the Taiwan Province of China in the form of a footnote.

    II. U.S. arms sales to Taiwan constitute a grave infringement upon the sovereignty of China and a flagrant interference in China's internal affairs. The registration of such sales has changed the nature of the UN Register.  By registering its arms sale to Taiwan, the United States has created in the United Nations "two Chinas" and "one China, one Taiwan".  This is something that China cannot accept.  And China therefore has been forced to suspend its reporting to the Register since 1998.

    III. Until and unless the U.S. takes steps to rectify its erroneous practice and the solemn nature of the Register is restored.  China will obviously not be in a position to submit its report to the Register.  And, therefore, China can not support the resolution A/C.1/56/L.40

    IV. In light of the above, the Chinese delegation abstained from voting on the resolution A/C.1/56/L.40.  We call upon once again the country concerned to immediately rectify its mistakes and create necessary conditions for the Chinese side to resume its participation in the Register.
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