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Statement by the Delegation of China on A UNGA Decision on the BWC (October, 2001)
The negotiations on a protocol to comprehensively strengthen the effectiveness of the BWC, which had lasted for almost 7 years, came to an abrupt stop last July, because the basic approach of the protocol was negated.  We deeply regret this development.

We had hoped that this session of the UNGA could adopt a resolution on the BWC that would point out the reasons why the negotiations had had to stop, a resolution that would emphasize the necessity of global and multilateral efforts in the comprehensive strengthening of the BWC, reconfirm the continued validity of the mandate and mechanism of the ad hoc working group and call upon all States Parties, in particular, those with large bio-industries, to continue the negotiations on the protocol within the framework of the ad hoc group of the BWC States Parties.

However, because of the resistance from certain quarters, a draft BWC resolution informally circulated earlier has been downgraded into a two-sentence draft decision, with little substance in it.  The Chinese delegation can go along with this draft decision, but we have to say that we are not satisfied with it, since it completely neglects the difficult situation facing the protocol negotiations.

In line with the principled position I have mentioned above, China will, in the upcoming BWC Review Conference and all other related fora, continue to work with other BWC States Parties, in an effort to achieve a comprehensive strengthening of the effectiveness of the BWC.
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